Taeyeon: I’m Fine. Don’t Feel Too Bad About It

Taeyeon SNSD
Foto: Net

Leader girlsband Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon yang berkunjung ke Jakarta ternyata mengalami peristiwa tidak mengenakkan. Ketika tiba di Bandara Soekarno Hatta, Kamis (17/8) lalu, dia diserbu penggemar. Saking antusiasnya penggemar sehingga menimbulkan kekacauan.

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Akibatnya penyanyi 28 tahun itu tersungkur sehingga harus ditolong pihak keamanan untuk berdiri. Kejadian yang tidak diharapkan ini sempat disampaikan Taeyon di akun Instagramnya.

“There were dangerous situations in Jakarta airport as feets and bodies got tangled in the huge crowd. I actually fell to the floor and was shaking. Tears wouldn’t stop. The local security held me up thinking I was in danger but that was also very startling and surprising to me. I was nervous due to the constant body contact from behind and the side. There was no such thing as order and my mind is heavy knowing there are people who’ve also gotten knocked over and hurt. Also, it probably wasn’t intentional but people kept touching body parts such as the butt and breast area… That felt very startling and I couldn’t keep a straight mind. So I wasn’t able to show a good side at Jakarta where I’ve come to visit after a long time. I’m so sorry to the fans who’ve waited for me and please, let’s keep order so we don’t get hurt. I will think of today as just a happening because I know our fans are the most loving, caring, and understanding. I hope everyone will not get hurt.” pesan Taeyeon yang telah menuai 77 ribu lebih komentar.

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Taeyeon SNSD
Taeyeon SNSD saat perform pada tanggal 18 Agustus 2017. Foto: Twitter

Agensi SM Entertainment pun sudah memberi pernyataannya dan meminta maaf karena kurang memperketat pengamanan demi memastikan tidak ada kejadian seperti itu. Namun tampaknya Taeyon masih ingin memastikan kalau fansnya tahu kalau dia baik-baik saja.

Pada 18 Agustus, setelah pertunjukannya, Taeyon memposting IG story dengan pesan, “I’m fine. I’m finished with the performance. It’s the end of a scheduled day. Thank you for cheering me on and holding up pink lights. This situation was my agency’s mistake, so don’t feel too bad about it.” * bbs/ade/fel

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